Agrofrodis LTD Company is a Greek Production Company that produces Cannabis products.

It owns two industrial hemp production units (hemp) with a total area of ​​36,000 sq.m.

Our company has the largest greenhouse cannabis cultivation in Southeastern Europe.

The industrial unit of Agrofrodis LTD to produce Cannavero products, includes three distinct units:

• the cannabis flower greenhouse cultivation unit,

The plant treatment plant after harvest and

• the production-packaging unit of cannabis finished products.

It has a staff of scientists that researches and guides the cultivation of the best quality cannabidiol in the Greek market.
Cannavero Cannavero is a completely safe and natural substance, which is used in many ways.

With the main goal of producing high quality products, our company is ranked among the most reliable companies in the industry.

The realization of this goal relates to the planned & efficient utilization of the human, technological and material resources that are available to the company, which we are committed to provide continuously, to the extent required.

This commitment meets the goals of the company to achieve and maintain the desired and promising quality.

The company employs permanent and seasonal employees of various specialties (Administrative, agronomists, specialized cannabis growers, skilled and unskilled workers).